What’s your Party Day?

A few months ago I put the Health is Wealth post on Twistabit.

What a difference a few months make.

So we’re in the middle of a pandemic that will likely kill millions of people worldwide.

We’re locked down, watching as the panicky hoard and our neighbors (the lucky ones) wear masks and gloves as they go about everyday life, what’s left of it.

And yet, my 6 year-old grand-nephew just yesterday morning showed the true genius of children.

He said “Why don’t they say how many people get better from the virus? Then, we can make a calendar and put everyone in the world on it. And when everyone is going to be better, we write a ‘P’ for ‘party’.”

In one short sentence at breakfast, he said so many things:

I’m optimistic

We’ll live through this

Watching only the bad news provokes fear

We should celebrate life, not fear death

When will Party Day be?

We can very likely calculate when people are going to get better! Here’s a simple formula to estimate PDay.

Data you need:

  • Total cases worldwide (today reported cases are about 400,000)
  • Days to cases multiplying by 10 (today about 14 days, but may come down if we all self-quarantine)
  • Days it takes for people to recover (somewhere around 30 days, could also come down if a cure or drug is found quickly).

Get the latest numbers, multiple them out until total cases reach the entire population of the world (roughly 8 billion), add 30 days for everyone to recover, and you’ll have a pretty good estimate.

Once we know that date, uncertainty will end and we can plan a big party for all of us, with a capital P on the calendar

Seems so simple, but it’s really the best course.

And the advice that comes out of it is even more profound:

Hope for the best but plan for the worst – this is only partly true. Unlike natural disasters, war, terrorist attacks, car accidents, murders (the list goes on), we actually control our own fate, if we can work together!

So perhaps the saying should be “If we all work together we can plan for the best“.

Remember, this isn’t some far off war being fought by our courageous but for most of us anonymous military. Most people likely don’t know anyone in their family fighting for our country (and still out there fighting and dying, I might add, although you don’t hear much about that now)

This isn’t a war against a visible enemy, or even one that has any intent, malicious or otherwise.

And the only way we defeat it and save as many lives as possible is to work together. No one can do it all by themselves – as brave as they are, no doctors and nurses are going to do this alone. They will fight, and some of them, probably many more than in the general population, will make the ultimate sacrifice.

But it’s already too late unless we all pull together, use the proper precautions, don’t hoard, and stay optimistic. Don’t we owe that effort to all the 6 year-olds out there? After all, this is our chance to save their future.

Reminds me of the old Hawaiian expression:
One Life, Don’t Blow It.

So just remember, One Future, Don’t Blow It.

Even better, perhaps, One Planet, Don’t Blow It.

And right now, calculate your PDay estimate, put it on your calendar, stop worrying, and start doing everything you can to Save The Future!

Credits – Peak Prosperity, My Grand-Nephew

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