Come2U Data Assets

Convert your Physical Assets into Data Assets. Create them, Own them, Sell or Share them, generate Revenue streams from them.


Come2U & Twistabit

Twistabit is a blockchain services company building unique and powerful ways to Secure your data, Prove Owndership of your physical and virtual assets, and Manage/Sell/Share all or part of your data while remaining anonymous.

Come2U is our primary platform for implementing Twistabit's blockchain services. 

Personal Data

Your identity should be private, and only shared on a specific "need-to-know" basis. Your Personal Data NFT can be created in your Come2U account , with connections to your online identity so your identity remains secure.

Property Data

All your property, from Real Estate to Cars and Airplanes to Clothing and Jewelry to Works of Art and more, can all be securely and permanently defined in NFTs, and bought, sold, shared, and given away with confidence that the Rights of these interactions will be honored.

Content, Games, and More

Turn your Virtual assets, including Photos, Videos, Games, and all manner of Content File Types, can be turned into NFTs and managed (bought, sold, auctioned, with royalties, and more) in Come2U.


How It Works

If you already have an Online Platform such as a Website you can use our comprehensive WordPress plugin to manage your Data Assets, including creating, storing, minting, and managing your Data NFTs. If you don't already have a suitable Website, our Organization Plans will build one for you, and continue managing it once complete.