You might consider yourself pretty healthy, especially if you’re a bit younger and live in a first-world country. You may not give your health much thought, until you lose it just a little bit. Then it becomes the most important thing in the world.

But we all age, so an accident, a disease, or even just old age will eventually kill you. And your loved ones too.

Throughout history, death has been inevitable. Everyone lucky enough to grow up, fall in love, and build a family always sees all their loved ones die, if they don’t die first. The delight and pleasure we enjoy while they are all alive is matched by the horrible grief and pain we feel when they pass away.

In this clip, you can see the lighter side of what it’s like to grow older.

Here’s what it can be like to get old

Even worse, the longer our lifespans become, the more we age and fall victim to terrible chronic diseases like dementia, cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and the list goes on. These diseases afflict us based only on biological aging – it isn’t genetics, exposure to cancer-causing agents like cigarettes, or other factors that makes this happen. The best genes, a clean life, and good habits cannot fully overcome the aging process. Our cells just degrade over time. That’s why you don’t see many people living beyond 110.

But there’s hope on the horizon. It may be hard to believe, but there is currently research underway that may produce solutions that not only stop the aging process in our cells, they may completely reverse it.

That’s right. This research has produced concrete results in lab animals. Results that can be measured, and prove there’s potential to finally solve one of the greatest mysteries humankind has ever known – how to reverse aging and restore youth, all the way down to the cells that keep us alive and healthy.

Here’s what it could be like with Aging Reversed

So when will that happen? When will we be able to visit the doctor and get a treatment that stops all diseases in progress and restores 80 year olds back to being 30, biologically speaking?

This is medical research, and even with proof of a solution working, it’s a long process to go from that to affordable treatments to fully reverse aging, stop diseases, and bring us all back to the best of life.

But one thing is certain – diligently and carefully funding medical research with substantially higher amounts of resources, in the areas that show so much promise, will make that day come faster.

So what will change when this happens?

People will still die in accidents, sadly. So there will always be a need for a robust and comprehensive traditional medical system with great doctors, nurses, and all the other professionals that make it work.

But vastly fewer people will be slowly put to death by aging and the other horrible chronic diseases that take them now.

Here’s what it could be like to be young again

Will the population boom if our lifespans are measured in thousands of years instead of hundreds? Maybe, and maybe we’ll have to come up with new and innovative ways to help our planet support a larger population, ways that don’t kill the planet. 

But it’s a good problem to have. And if you ask anyone, no matter how old, how many years they want to live, they are very unlikely to say, yes, 50 years is enough, or 80 years is enough, or 100 years is enough, unless they are already dying of a terrible chronic disease. And even then, they would prefer to have their youth back rather than die. If you ask them, they would say:

Here’s what they would tell you

Health and loving family and friends is truly the only wealth. And time enough to truly enjoy this wealth is something we just may see in our lifetimes. Perhaps our effort will provide the last boost of resources to make this dream become a reality while we’re still alive. Our generation could be the one that sees the death of aging for the first time in human history. And that’s the best reason to commit to this.

Credits – David Sinclair, Grumpy Old Men, Cocoon, Titantic, Harlem Nights

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