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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a Twistabit Affiliate?

There are two main ways:
  1. Buy something or navigate the Website or Listing of a Twistabit Business, then complete the Affiliate onboarding process
  2. Go to, and complete the Affiliate Onboarding process
Either way, it's a very simple, 2-minute process, no credit card information needed, always free, and your information is always protected.

As a Twistabit Affiliate, how much in commissions can I earn?

There's no limit to how much you can earn, and some of our Twistabit Businesses offer great commissions - even recurring commissions.

But this is no Get Rich Quick scheme. Twistabit is designed to allow anyone to earn significant commissions just buy making referrals and making purchases.

So check it out, use the Free Signup, and tell your friends when you find something you like.

You may not get rich, but there's nothing wrong with having some extra money coming in each month.

What's the best way to tell my friends?

You can tell your friends using any method you like, so long as it's not spam, follows the Twistabit affiliate guidelines, and is honest. When you find something on Twistabit that you like, tell your friends. When you happen to know a business owner that could use some help with a Website or online marketing and advertising, tell them about Twistabit.

Where can I find my affiliate link, and other details about Twistabit, my commissions and payouts, and so on?

When you sign up for Twistabit's Free affiliate program, a Woocommerce order is placed for you, with nothing due. This is simply a bookkeeping method, and it allows you access to the Twistabit Woocommerce My Account dashboard, the Twistabit Scoreboard, and the Twistabit Affiliate dashboard.

When you sign in with your Account Login (on the top menu), you'll immediately go to the My Account dashboard, and from there you can find all the details, including in the Affiliate dashboard your own affiliate link. Plus, there's a place to enter your orders so you can get commissions, view your payouts, and more. And once signed in, the Scoreboard is always available, and has lists of all the Twistabit Businesses you can shop at, ways to earn Rewards as well as commissions, and even more materials and tips.

Why should I subscribe to Twistabit Premium Business services?

Twistabit Premium Business services include the whole deal - hosted Beautiful Website, rewards and affiliate program, blogging and influencer advertising, and much more, starting at just $300 per month.

You can do as much or as little as you want, and begin seeing results the first month.

Plus, there's no long-term commitment - every month we work hard to earn your business by generating great results for you.

I haven't even started my business yet. Do I need to be in businesses before starting Twistabit Business services?

Twistabit is ideal for online and physical businesses of any kind, even if you haven't started your business yet, all the way to well-established businesses with thousands of locations. Twistabit can work for business-to-business commerce as well.

How much time and effort does it take to get my business setup properly?

In order to get your account setup, we need about 30 pieces of information from you, plus content for your Website. The information should take only 15 minutes or a half hour to gather- things like your domain name, special offers, and other things every business owner should have. If you don't have them, or haven't got a logo or other content for example, we'll help you find the right people to help you.

Twistabit works hard to continously improve and automate the onboarding and setup process, and also to streamline updates, maintenance, and improvements to your site, your material, and your advertising. These processes will always get easier, so you can enjoy more time while still managing and building your business.

What obligations do I have as a Twistabit Premium Business subscriber?

Every Twistabit Premium Business subscriber must maintain at least one product or service with a special, Twistabit-exclusive, deal, such as a discount, free service (like a consultation), and so on. The amount of the deal is completely up to the business, but of course better deals are more likely to produce more sales.

Every Twistabit Premium Business subscriber must handle customer issues honestly, provide good service, and quality products and services.

Every Twistabit Premium Business subscriber must offer rewards and commissions for the benefit of Twistabit Affiliates. The amount of rewards and commissions is completely up to the business, but of course better rewards and commissions are more likely to produce more sales.

Twistabit takes a small portion of all commissions generated from Twistabit Premium Business sales, and this portion defrays the monthly subscription plan cost. So Twistabit Premium Business subscribers may see the cost of their monthly subscription decrease towards zero as their sales on Twistabit increase.



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