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Place NFTs

Establish your place in the Come2U world, using your actual location. Grab your piece of the pie and build whatever you want!

Property NFTs

Make NFTs from anything (Virtual or Real) you own or have a claim to. Share or sell limited rights to other people and generate income if you want.

Person NFTs

Build your Online, Blockchain-enabled Social Media Profile and start posting while also keeping total ownership of it in full privacy and security.

Content NFTs

Own all your own content and data, forever. You make it, you keep it. Share or sell for free or for profit.

The economy of the entire world is changing, and Blockchain Services are at the forefront. The opportunities are endless, but there are many new threats as well. Come2U works hard to eliminate or mitigate threats, and build amazing new services that you can count on. Come2u is all about enjoying and benefiting from this massive change, and have tons of fun along the way! Come with us!

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