NFTS - Rewards Dashboard

Data and Statistics about your NFTS, Rewards, Redemptions, and more.

Combo NFTs

With your Come2U Subscription you can create a Combo NFT consisting of NFTs representing Places, People, Property,  Content, Games, Worlds, and Teams. Your Combo NFT is designed to held many different types of NFTs as yet unknown, new, and unique.

Your Combo NFT is essentially a container that cannot be sold directly but instead becomes a life-long store of value, allowing you to accumulate wealth and generate income.

You build your Combo NFT with you own people, places, content, data, social exchanges, property, games, worlds, and more.

You completely own your own data, and it is protected by the maximum security that can be applied.

The NFTs making up your Combo NFT have unique capabilities, such as allowing you to add, update, and remove data or content in them.

You also have the ability to share or sell (on a subscription basis) access to various pieces of your data.

In order to start creating your Combo NFTs according to your plan level, please request Product Vendor (PV) status by clicking the button.

Once your PV status is approved and your PV account provisioned, a link will appear on this page to your PV Dashboard.

Then you can create and submit for sale your NFTs.

Once your NFT sales begin, you will see reports in your PV Dashboard indicating how many you have bought or sold, total sales in USD, and also your ability to compete in Games.

Twistabit Rewards

You receive an amount of Twistabit Rewards in the form of Twistabit Coins (TBC) based on your subscription levels, and for purchasing products from Twistabit Organizations.

You can use Twistabit Rewards at Twistabit Organizations for exclusive discounts, specials, games, and more.

Below are your current Rewards, and their estimated worth if converted to USD

Total Rewards Earned

The total TBC Rewards you've earned from all your Twistabit activities, including Click Throughs, Purchases, and Affiliate Referrals.


Total Rewards USD

The total TBC Rewards you've earned if converted to USD. Note that while there is currently no capability to convert TBC Rewards to USD, this feature is planned to be rolled out in the future.