Your Lifetime Data could be Worth Millions.

The average person's lifetime data is potentially worth millions. And you're giving it away free, or for very minimal compensation.  Maintaining complete ownership of your Data and using an effective toolset to sell/share and otherwise use your data could change the game! Don't you think you're worth it?


Owners Data Plans

Save Your Data Owner and Organization Plans give you a safe place for many kinds of data. Real Estate, Personal Property, Pics and Videos, and many more types coming soon. Think of it as a Vault for your Data!

Earn From Your Data

Store your data, add to it, then share parts of it or sell it outright. Our Smart NFTs make it easy to earn from your data, and multiple ways to sell: share part of it, auction it, sell with continuing royalties. You decide!

Play With Your Data

Your data is not just static information. With Smart NFTs, your data can represent your home, your property like cars, and boats, a Team, a Game, a 3D World, and more. You can store it, add to it, earn from it, and make it do cool things you and your friends can enjoy!

Safe and Secure works hard to protect your data with excellent security meaures, and to keep it safe. And we are working on making it ever safer. We recognize that no system can be 100% safe under all circumstances, but our goal is to protect all data with the highest possible standards - literally the best!

Owner Plans

There are 4 Owner Plans - Base, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. The main difference between them is the amount of data storage provided and number of NFTs minted per month. Each Plan Level also receives our Custom Cryptocurrency (Twistabit Coins) to use as discounts and rewards points when buying or sharing data on

Blockchain Plugin

Our Blockchain Services WordPress plugin does the heavy lifting for you, enabling you to Mint NFTs of all types to the best Blockchains, validate Blockchain Wallets for your customers, sell your NFTs with Royalties, update NFTs with new Data, and many more features that extend NFT Smary Contracts to powerful new heights.

Future Features and maintain roadmaps of developments to come. Our developers are working on implementing Zero Knowledge Proof (ZKP) encryption methods, Quantum Resistant hashing, and other technologies to make your data as secure and safe as possible, and to allow plan subscribers to build multiple kinds of Apps on our platform.

Funding the Future

The opportunities are endless, and so are the challenges the future holds. We believe it is just as important to build a better future for everyone, so we have dedicated 40% of our Custom Crypto (TBC) to funding our favorite causes, and yours too. As TBC becomes more widely asopted and used, the value of that TBC will increase and be used to fund qualified research for curing medical conditions, clean energy, and your local Non-Profit.

Organizations Data Plans

Wordpress Website

Every Organization Plan comes with a WordPress Website completely setup and ready to go, with all the best Plugins installed and configured. Our Experts will apply free SSL Certificates, setupo free nightly backups, and customize it the pages with your text, logo, contact forms, and more.

Organization Plans

Organization Plans have all the same features as Owner Plans, with the added capability to open a full-featured Store for selling their own products and services, as well as creating Teams of Players for Games and other activities. 

Advertising Organization Plans come with online advertising leveraging the power of Blockchain Services and the cutting edge capabilities of Blockchain enabled organizations to exceed their customers and members expectations of a massive scale.

Special Settings

Each Plan Level also receives our Custom Cryptocurrency (Twistabit Coins) to use as discounts and rewards points when selling, buying, or sharing data on Organization Subscription Plans provide Organizations with the ability to customize their TBC to offer special deals, special discounts, and other special perks to all Subscribers and their customers.

Ready to Start? Owner and Organization Plans
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